Father Of The Bride Speech: Please Don't Let Your Daughter Down

Published: 15th March 2011
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Making the Father of the Bride speech is not the sole requirement of the bride's father, no his duties start some time before the wedding day . He shoulders a great deal of responsibility making certain that his daughter's big day is the very best that it could end up being, and that nothing goes wrong that may ruin it for her.

His duties include advising and assisting where required with all the planning and organisation of the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. Not forgetting his foremost task of giving the bride away to the groom at the church service.

However there is a lot more to it than merely practical assistance. Arguably his main obligation is to provide his charming daughter with a solid shoulder to lean on in the run up to her special wedding day.

As the father of the bride you will be her rock, the one that she turns to when things become a tad chaotic and tearful, which they almost always will sooner or later, after all it wouldn't be natural if things went too smoothly.

Needless to say so that you are able to do all of this you've got to be in the right state of mind, and this means staying as sane and stress free as is practical considering the circumstances. It's no use your daughter looking towards you for the purpose of comfort and reassurance if you are more of a nervous wreck than she is.

At the actual wedding reception you're required to make a father of the bride speech that's warm, thoughtful, and also significant. So that you can hold the attention of the guests and also to sustain a pleasurable atmosphere your speech should also be comical and humorous.

And if that isn't enough to handle you'll be making your speech to the people that really matter the most to you, such as very close friends, close family, your new son-in-law and his family and friends, and of course your daughter.

In addition , you may need to fight to keep your own sentiments over 'loosing a daughter' at bay long enough so you can get through the entire speech. In truth this is what many dads worry about the most about giving their speech, the fear of allowing your emotions get the better of you and breaking down half-way through.

This isn't much fun for your daughter or the rest of the wedding guests. No one really wants to witness the bride's father blubbering his way incomprehensively through the latter section of his presentation.

The secret is to plan your speech in advance, to enable enough time to research and decide just what you are going to say. By doing this not only will you will be confident that you have created a speech which will be warmly received, but you will also give yourself enough time to rehearse it to perfection and then to make slight tweaks to make it even better.

The feeling that you've created a father of the bride speech that is the very best it can possible be will give you the confidence to deliver it to perfection, much to the delight of your daughter.


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