Mother of the Bride Speech - Make Your Daughter Proud

Published: 28th February 2011
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Making a Mother of the Bride speech at your daughter's wedding is a fantastic honor. You are having a big part on the most important day of her life as she starts married life with her new husband, and you are expected to help and support her both in public and in private. All the same together with the honour goes a huge sense of responsibility.

As Mother of the Bride you are required to take up an integral part in both the wedding and the wedding reception that follows. During the demanding time leading up to the special day you will need to spend lots of time physically and emotionally supporting your daughter.

You will want to try everything you possibly can in order that your daughter finds the move towards her new life as effortless and hassle free as you possibly can. In addition to being her emotional cheerleader you'll have to take a hands-on role with the more practical facets of the wedding.

This will likely consist of helping to decide on an ideal wedding venue, helping choose the all-important bridal dress along with bridesmaids' dresses, as well as handling the wedding reception aspects - such as adornments, seating arrangements, and the food selection. You will also need to liaise with the grooms' parents and deal with the guest list and the invitations, whilst ensuring that it all stays within budget.

Having said that it isn't generally the thought of all of the previously mentioned duties that troubles the Mother of the Bride the most, of course the majority of Moms are used to handling that sort of situation on an almost daily basis. No, her greatest worry hands down is the thought of having to do a speech on her daughter's big day, this alone is enough to start the nerves jangling.

Figures demonstrate the fact that the concern about speaking in public can often be the main source of nervousness an individual is most likely to deal with in their everyday lives. And just to help make issues even worse, giving a wedding speech is considered by experienced public speakers to be the worst type of public speaking assignment that exists.

Mainly because the wedding reception attendees are from such a widely diverse background as to make it close to impossible to please everybody simultaneously, whilst not alienating or offending at the very least some individuals.

There is an extreme of age groups to contend with ranging from the very young to the very old, there can also be numerous religions as well as social classes to cope with. In addition there are two separate family groups to appeal to, let alone the various associations the wedding guests have with the Happy couple, and because of this lots of people will not know each other.

There'll be close and not so close personal friends, close and distant family members, as well as fellow workers along with other colleagues. Additionally the wedding guests will be in various stages of being affected by drink.

The pressure on the Mother of the Bride as a result of her other obligations could be huge, however adding having to give a speech in addition to all of that can make it appear like a bit of a nightmare.

The trick is to plan and also write the speech properly to begin with, as well as write it early enough enabling time for you to tweak and improve it. Realizing that your speech is the best it could be will allow you to present it in a confident and professional style, making your Mother of the Bride speech one your daughter will surely be proud of.


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